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SlapSee Trail Running Sunglasses
Ultra running sunnies that stay in place and on your face - Slap to your wrist or clip to your race pack
Sunnies that stay in place and on your face - slap to your wrist and race pack


Our Sunnies clip to your head so you feel secure even on the most technical trails or when your charging down a scree slope. If you're an Ultra racer and running into the night, just clip them to your wrist or race pack and they will be there when the sun comes up... No more routing around in your bag....


Aid Station or Transition? Leave em' clipped to a drinks bottle..


Game Changers .....



Our patented ‘slaps’ click into place to hold tight to your head.


You won’t lose your sunnies after the action because you can securely slap them around whatever you want.



So you look sharp in the sun, we surveyed hundreds of adventure aficionados before creating our range of fresh colourways.


Check back for limited editions



Your peepers deserve the best protection.  SlapSee are available with polarised UV400  lenses and non-polarised UV400 lenses. With an ultra-durable construction, SlapSee are built to last!