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why slapsee?

Just a few thoughts about my Slapsee journey......

I have been an Ultra runner for the last 7 years or so and like most of you have tried numerous bits of kit, some work some don't. My go to sunglasses were always Oakley's and looking back, I guess it was more the style and look that drew me to them. When I'm running on the trails, especially technical trails and I'm hot and sweating, I find that a lot of sunglasses slip and move and jump around. When the sun goes in you pop your glasses on your head and keep running...

I don't know about you, but when its hot, I search out streams to cool off in. I think most of us do on those really hot days. This is exactly how I lost a pair of £130 Oakley sunglasses. I was on about mile 20 with 4 miles to go until home. I had been up on the fells and had got to the river at Pooley Bridge in the Lakes which is near where I live. As I got to the waters edge I threw myself in for a well earned cool down. I took two minutes, jogged out the water, secured my pack and off I went.

Twenty mins or so later I bumped into a chap running the other way and had a quick chat regarding the Lakeland 100 which we discovered we were both recce-ing. After the chat, I set off to run and instinctively reached up to my head to pop my Sunnies down. over my face... Yep you guessed it ... no sunnies.... gutted.

This was the second pair I had gone through in 18 months and at those prices I wouldn't be getting anymore for a while.

That was until I discovered the Slapsee. At a quarter of the price of a standard pair of Oakley's, I was doubtful as to how good they would be on the trails. They looked like a fun gimmick but it wasn't until I tried them out, I realised what game changers they were.

On the technical trails they clip to your head and they just don't move...It doesn't matter how sweaty you get , or how many times you tumble they stay where they are. And yes, if you dip your head in a Lake or a river they are staying there. (However, I recommend you take them off your head and slap them on your wrist when bathing.) If you want them off your head, just slap them to your wrist.

If the Sun goes in completely, or you're on an Ultra race that goes through the night, they fold in half and stow nicely in a pocket or pack. Awesome value for money running sunnies.

Any questions feel free to reach out to me at andyrichkemp@gmail.com or '@SlapseeR .

Happy Running

Slapsee Trail Team

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