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RUNNING in your slapsee's

To Clip or Not to Clip

Having run literally hundreds of miles in these remarkable Sunnies, here are a few thoughts which will help you get the most out of your SlapSee.

If you are lucky enough to own a pair, you will know that when you clip them on both sides they sit right up against your face almost like goggles. If you are descending a steep scree slope or on any fast technical descent (or jumping out of a plane) use both clips for pure confidence and zero movement.

On a hot, still day or if you sweat heavily, you may find that as your temperature increases, moisture forms inside and you get some steam on the lens. To clear this simply unclip one side of the slaps. You will still get a secure unshakeable fit but the glasses sit just slightly further away from your face allowing the air to flow and clearing the steam.

I tend to do most of my running in this single clip setting but double clip when I get the most challenging terrain. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and how close you like your glasses to sit on your face. Either way its great to have the choice...

I can't think of any Sunnies out there that even come close to this versatility. When the sun goes in Slap em to your wrist or race pack.....

Happy Running....

Thanks for reading and as usual send any questions or comments to andy@slapseetrailrunning.co.uk...

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