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Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Its the age old problem when either running or cycling wearing glasses or sunglasses. As the temperature of your activity rises, moisture is created which steams up the glasses. I am a heavy sweater for the first few hours of activity until my body settles down and have found this problem on every pair of Sunnies I've used, particularly wrap arounds that don't let the air circulate. I think this is quite personal as not everyone gets this problem. For those of you that do, here are two hacks which should help prevent your sunnies from fogging up...

But remember, if you are wearing Slapsee's and you have them clipped to your head, just unclip them and they sit slightly further forward. This allows more air to circulate and no steam. You can switch between the two with ease.

Whether you are running in the cold or the heat, foggy lenses are painfully annoying and get in the way of your enjoyment and performance.

Hack 1 - Plain white toothpaste

Firstly make sure that it is actually plain white, not the multi-coloured stuff or the stuff hat has flakes or bits in it. Literally put a small dab on your finger and rub into the lenses. Once the lenses are covered front and back, rinse it off with tap water. I tend to let them dry on their own rather than drying them off. If you need to, gently rub with a lens cloth or microfibre cloth.

Hack 2 - Plain shaving foam

I use Gillette plain white shaving foam, its the real cheap one and works a treat. Again rub it into the lenses and then rinse off. Let the glasses dry and you are good to go.. This method tends to last a little longer than the toothpaste.

Try them both out and see what works for you.

Or if simply unclip your Slaps....

Thanks for reading and please email me with any questions or hacks of your own and I will try them and add them..

Happy running....

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